Book of the Month : March 09

Have you read Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love?

Forgiveness is always a potent topic – but never more so than in times of social upheaval and stress. This book – one of Stephanie’s most loved – is not about forgiveness only. It also looks at the priceless qualities of courage, fidelity, restraint, generosity and tolerance – and how we can all call on them, cultivate them, and allow them to be the foundation of our lives no matter what the outer circumstances may be.

“”A powerful and moving book by a wise woman.”” Michael King, Metro

“”A book for the times: a bridge between the rational and the intuitive, the psychoanalytical and the spiritual, the personal and the social.”” Miriam Cosic, Australian Magazine

“”This is indeed a book which I would hold in my hands in a time of trouble, just to let its wisdom and reassurance seep into my bones; to remind me what is possible; to encourage me to stand firm for my own values; to retrieve order from chaos and to restore me to calm”” Caroline Jones, Sydney Morning Herald

“”With an intelligent mixture of personal insight and scholarship Dowrick…furnishes new seekers as well as seasoned believers a refreshing approach to contemporary spirituality”” Publishers Weekly

“Reading Forgiveness is like listening to a wise older sister” Anne French, The Listener

“In a beautifully crafted book written with clarity and humour but with admirable objectivity, Stephanie Dowrick shows us what it means to learn with love in our hearts”  Joolz Saunders, The Friend