A prayer for peace

A prayer for peace

What is peace?

Peace is a continuous act of creation.

Waking up to the reality that life is precious in all of its forms,
we come to see that we are guardians of one another and of the earth.

Seeing each other through the eyes of peace, we find compassion.
With compassion, comes trust.
With trust, comes openness.
With openness, come community, connectedness and joy,
and resilience in the face of sorrow.

Peace is not an absence of conflict.
Peace is the capacity to deal with conflict intelligently.

Peace is the deepest acknowledgment that every life matters.

Taste peace in your own mouth.
Feel the touch of peace on your own skin.
Let your ears fill with the sounds of peace.
Feel the longings for peace that fill your own heart.
Let your mind rest on the word peace.

Until we dare to imagine peace, we will never achieve it.

Open to what peace can bring to you and others.
Send peace wherever it is needed.
Without taking a single step from this place, your thoughts can encircle the world.

(May these words benefit us and all those whom our lives touch.)
Stephanie Dowrick, 2006