A “Mana” invitation for 2014 (including 25 Jan 2014)


There is something so special about a new year and the sense of promise and renewal that comes with it. Many of you seem to be feeling that eagerness because I’ve had a number of emails and notes via social media in recent weeks asking what my “Mana” reatreat plans are for this year. Some are asking if I will be offering Mana retreats as usual. The answer is YES! Mana as a sacred place, and even more as a way of living and being, is so important to me. I feel sure that I will be returning there as long as they will have me and I can travel! I am also aware that there is an incremental benefit in the rhythm of returning: the more often I am there, the greater depth of renewal I experience. I hear that from so many retreat participants also.

Again this year I will be offering three separate Mana events – the first in Auckland in less than two weeks, on Saturday 25 January 2014.

I very much hope you will be free to join me for at least one of these beautiful enriching events. Details follow. Also contact details, and purchase details for the Heavenly CD.

Blessings of peace and kindness,
peace in our world,

We will start the year with the annual “Retreat in a Day” in Auckland. This gets us off to a terrific start. It will be held on 25 January at the Subud Centre in Pt Chevalier.  The newness of the new year will still be with us and together we can give our best intentions some practical direction. The theme this year is “Creativity and Confidence” because to such an extent our confidence, even trust in ourselves depends so much on whether we believe we can meet life freshly, purposefully, and draw on our talents, resources and experiences – whatever life throws at us.  The day will include teaching from me, plus plenty of time to reflect, share, question and discuss in great company. I will particularly teach and review some of the reflective arts that provide us with inner stability and confidence from the inside out, including restoring a sense of inner fullness and calm.  Booking details (lunch included) 25 January 2014:
http://manaretreat.com/programme/2014-schedule/retreat-in-a-day.html     email: be@manaretreat.com

The Retreat at Easter is as always a highlight in my teaching year. This year Easter comes quite late but the retreat will, as usual, include ample time for teaching, deep reflection, meditation, silence, rest, optional walks, and the lovely celebratory Easter Sunday morning at the Sanctuary. Our theme this year is “Sanctuary of Love” inspired in part by the physical Sanctuary at Mana, also by the “sanctuary” of kindness that Mana exemplifies and that is the underpinning theme of all our retreats. How do you live from that place, draw from it – and replenish it? It is fine to attend the Easter retreat if you have not yet experienced a residential retreat, or if you have not done so for some time. I’m always touched to see how quickly everyone settles in and becomes a truly supportive group within hours, not days.  We do ask for early bookings where possible. If you are in genuine need of a partial scholarship and/or a payment plan, or if you can offer even modest financial support for others, please email be@manaretreat.com
Booking details, Easter Retreat, 17-21 April 2014:


Our third and final retreat for the year comes in two parts. For the annual “Spring Retreat”, you can join us for the first three days only – or you can extend by a further three days with a smaller group. Our dates are a little earlier this year to allow for those of you who may need to come in the Australian school holidays. (Always hard to land on the ideal dates for all!)  Our theme for both parts of the retreat is “May we be well and happy”, looking deeply into what it means to each of us to be “well” – to the very last – and also what it means to be happy, and at least at relative peace within ourselves. In 2014, we will have considerably more silence and less discussion over the extension period than last year. During the first three days we will combine teaching, reflection, meditation, discussion and questions – again with plenty of time to rest as well as to enjoy the company of one another. At this Spring retreat, I additionally offer each participant the chance of a short personal meeting to discuss any spiritual questions you might have. We do again ask for early bookings where possible. Numbers will be particularly limited for the Silence extension. It is indeed fine to attend both the Easter and Spring retreats; increasing numbers do so. If you are in genuine need of a partial scholarship and/or a payment plan, or if you can offer even modest financial support for others, please email be@manaretreat.com
Booking details, Spring Retreat: May we be well and happy, 25-28 September, 28 Sept – 1 October 2014:
Contact for registration: http://manaretreat.com/contact.html   Tel: P:  +64 7 866 8972

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