Stephanie Dowrick speaks on the Path of Love

I very much hope that you will feel inspired by this talk on the Path of Love, given on 17 September 2017 at the conclusion of 11 years of monthly services at Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney. Our work there will continue – wonderfully! – but less frequently.

Reflecting on the Path of Love where we all unconditionally belong, we not only draw strength, inner security and self-respect. We also experience that spirituality in its most authentic forms heals us within and also heals or at least softens the divisions between us. It makes us less fearful, more courageous. Has that need ever been more urgent? We all need the profound spiritual gifts of meaning, hope, beauty, vision, awe, and profound respect for all forms of life: has that ever been more urgent?

If you would like to comment or respond, you are very welcome to do that on my public Facebook page where I also frequently post short, hopeful messages. On whatever day this reaches you, I send timeless blessings. Peace be with you and in our world.