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“If the pandemic that began and engulfed the world in 2020 taught us anything at all it is that we are utterly and inevitably interconnected—and not only with each other, but also with this earth on which we wholly depend in all its brilliance, beauty, fearsomeness and biodiversity. Yet this was also the time in which we witnessed and felt first-hand the agonies of isolation and loneliness, the need we have for one another, the need each of us has to be cared for—and to be caring.”

― from “Intimacy and Solitude: Finding new closeness and self-trust in a distanced world”

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 Stephanie Dowrick’s retreat talks: Healing, Contemplation, Action Click on the links below to be taken to each individual audio file. Always A New Beginning Healing, Contemplation, Action Essential Interbeing Claiming Our Worthiness Fruits Of Contemplation – Mindful Action The Elements and Joy Mary and Martha – The Subtleties Of Presence Alive In The Present Moment Qualities Of The Well Mind Not Overwhelmed Healing – Uniting Ourselves What The Good Samaritan Tells Us Short Teaching: You Are Already There Sustaining Our Lives Wisely God as an experience

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This video content includes links to Youtube along with material located on this website. It covers recorded public talks and workshops. This includes all references to Guided meditations and immersions. There are many recordings available as streaming audio, downloads and also some content available on CD.


This audio content includes links to streaming providers along with material only located on this website. It covers all references to Audio Books and CD's on this website. Many of Stephanies books are available as recorded spoken word to stream, to download or on CD. There are recordings of public talks, workshops and guided meditations and immersions.