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Writer and spiritual teacher Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick began the Universal Heart Network in 2000 as a way of sharing information, inspiration, and keeping in touch with readers in the pre-Facebook era. It allows her to reflect on the values Networkers share and affirm, and to write a newsletter to a wide circle of readers about ten times a year, sent by web email. Stephanie will also send articles directly from her website: the content will always be stated in the subject line.

Information to Subscribe/unsubscribe or manage your subscription is provided here. All easy! All free!

Joining the Universal Heart Network, you will receive early and updated information about Stephanie Dowrick’s public talks and events, and inspirational articles and comments. You can find PAST NEWSLETTERS under “Blog” on this website. Because of the way that websites unfold, it is impossible for us to post Newsletters in this section of the website without moving this vital “joining” information “down” and possibly out of sight.

If you do NOT receive an automated email confirming your efforts to subscribe, it is because your Internet Provider has blocked us. We cannot do anything about this but would urge you then to use a different email address and try again. Almost certainly, that will go more smoothly.

Stephanie Dowrick says,
‘The Universal Heart Network brings people together who care about the values that strengthen and connect us. It means so much to me and I continue to be deeply touched to meet Universal Heart Network members at my public events, knowing that I can also “meet” you regularly through these newsletters. “Joining” commits you only to thinking with other Universal Heart Networkers about values that matter and events that may support you.

You are also most welcome to visit on my “Official Stephanie Dowrick” Facebook page. By “Liking” that page, you will receive regular posts (especially if you engage with it).  You can leave comments there, of course. If you do not have a Facebook page yourself. you can still visit my public page as often as you wish.

Thank you so much for your interest in what visionary poet Rainer Maria Rilke called “the deepest things”. Meeting hearts as well as minds is needed more urgently than ever. As the world grows more crowded, and individuals become more isolated, we increasingly need communities – and to be active and participatory within them. ”

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