Seeking the Sacred: Transforming Our View of Ourselves and One Another

ISBN: 9781741759730

Allen & Unwin  November 2010

“The modern world is desacralized, that is why it is in crisis. The modern person must rediscover a deeper source of his [or her] own spiritual life.”

—C.G. Jung

Imagine the world we would live in if we dared to see all of life as sacred.

At a time when religion is increasingly viewed as irrelevant or as the cause of violence, Stephanie Dowrick most powerfully persuades us that only an authentically inclusive spiritual vision is ambitious enough to change the way that we see ourselves  and keep one another safe.  In this intimate, highly personal book, she speaks directly to those seeking spiritual depth and meaning in their own lives. She also addresses some of the most urgent social questions of our day:

  • How do our beliefs shape the way we view our strengths and respond to one another?
  • Are spiritual or religious teachings a cause of social unrest – or can they be a solution to it?
  • Are we capable of resisting violence as a “solution” and learning to “do no harm”?
  • Could spirituality be the “saving grace” our world so urgently needs?

This is a book rich in ideas and also stories. It includes an account of Stephanie Dowrick’s own spiritual evolution, and deeply moving stories from others.