Food for thought

photo Stephanie with Coleen Clare, Vice-President of IWDA, and Suzette Mitchell, Executive Director, at the IWDA World Food Day Feast. Food for thought: the International Women’s Development Agency Stephanie is a keen supporter of Melbourne-based IWDA – a non-government organisation which undertakes practical, co-operative projects in partnership with women from around the world, and especially […]

Choosing Happiness e-cards

Choosing Happiness e-cards available free from choosinghappiness website From you can send wonderful free e-cards with messages as various as “”Give happiness a chance””, “”Mistakes are not deadly””, “”Trust your parenting””Are you having any fun?””, “” Slow down, breathe, think, act””.   As I have been going around speaking at events I have been giving […]

Reader’s response to Choosing Happiness!

First reader’s response to Choosing Happiness! Robert Maron of Canberra bought a pre-publication copy of Choosing Happiness and sent this wonderful response, the very first from a reader! Thank you, Robert! I sent my wife out today to see if she could buy me a copy ( I was working, no bookshop nearby) and I […]

Stephanie on retreat at Mt Abu

Photo Stephanie on retreat at Mt Abu in India in February 2005 Stephanie says This was my second visit to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in India. We were an amazingly diverse group of people from many countries and backgrounds, enjoying wonderful hospitality, talks and meditations. In the second of these photos I am […]

Ordination as an Interfaith Minister

On 12 June 2005 Stephanie was ordained at St John the Divine in New York as an Interfaith Minister. She says, For me this was a wonderful celebration of my long-time commitment to interfaith – to respecting and honoring the teachings on love, tolerance and compassion from all paths, and the “”holy longing”” that goes […]

Easter 2006 Retreat in NZ

Easter 2006 Retreat in NZMana Retreat Centre, 13-17 April, Coromandel, NZ The theme of the 2006 Easter Retreat is especially beautiful. I will look each day at key teachings on love from the great faith traditions, and talk in detail about their relevance to our contemporary needs, building the rhythms of compassion, inwardness, peace and stability.  There will […]

September 2005 Retreat in NZ

September 2005 Retreat in NZ Restore your spirit in the magical wilderness of New Zealand 2-7 September 2005 This 6-day (5-night) spring retreat takes you to one of the most beautiful areas of the South Island of New Zealand where a small group will have exclusive use of a luxury lodge for a gentle programme […]

Easter 2005 Retreat in NZ

Easter 2005 Retreat in New Zealand An image from the Easter 2005 Retreat at the exceptionally beautiful Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel in New Zealand. Mana Retreat Centre Website:

Major new book published in October 2005

Major new book Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials No. 1 Australian best-seller “This book may be [Stephanie’s] most accessible and useful so far, because it’s about changing the way we relate to other people so we can be happier.  Most importantly, it’s about changing the way we relate to ourselves.”  Canberra Times Sales information: […]

Writing Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials The promise of this book is simple: right now you can be happier. Stephanie Dowrick says: I wrote Choosing Happiness believing that there are essential skills and insights that we can identify and develop that will allow us to be happier – and to interact with others in ways […]

Schedule of Events for Choosing Happiness

Schedule of Events for Choosing Happiness In Australia and New Zealand for October and November 2005 Read more for the full schedule of events held at bookshops and other venues to celebrate the publishing of Choosing Happiness. Australia : October and November 2005 :: MONDAY 10 OCTOBER – BRISBANE > 6.30pm Riverbend Books Event 193 […]