Welcome to the Spring Retreat 3-9 October, 2019

Spring Retreat 2019 with Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick

Deepening Inspiration and Peace…a 6-day Spiritual Retreat at glorious Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, NZ.

The annual Spring Retreat, led by acclaimed writer and spiritual leader, Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick, and supported by Rev Hilary Star, is a rare chance to experience your life from its most honouring and sacred perspective. This is a retreat that offers us a meaningful opportunity to come together in an atmosphere of deep support and acceptance to look at our lives freshly and to find, as someone expressed it last year, “The source of grace and courage that I didn’t even know I needed.”

Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick has taught from a genuinely inclusive spiritual perspective for many years, including almost 20 years at Mana. She does this always with a strong emphasis on contemporary psychological wisdom appropriate to meet our lives right now, as well as the profound, ancient spiritual wisdoms available to all.

We will enter the sacred through focused, inspirational teachings, as well as personal enquiry, reflective silence, and community with others sharing our retreat experience. We are also blessed by coming together in the most extraordinarily beautiful surroundings. This year’s theme – Deepening Inspiration and Peace – honours the unfolding power of inspiration in our lives, experiencing together how it is to live with a renewed sense of choice, self-respect, gratitude for life, and inner resourcefulness.  Stephanie’s focus is always on how we can weave our retreat insights into everyday life to greatest benefit for ourselves and for all those whose lives we touch.

A spiritual retreat offers an opportunity for profound renewal. Participants enjoy extended periods of silence and a constant practice of mutual consideration. Each day includes silent and guided meditation, thoughtful, accessible teachings, time for walks, reflection and guided reflective discussion periods. The beauty of Mana and the kindness offered there support the deep peace of retreat. As usual at our Spring Retreats, Stephanie will be accompanied by Reverend Hilary Star who brings to these retreats a shining example of loving-kindness and acceptance.

Please note that this is NOT a psychological workshop. We welcome participants from all faith paths and none – we are a single human family. It is, however, necessary to be willing to welcome the periods of silence, to enjoy vegetarian food, and to honour the efforts of others through your own care and respect to everyone present. We do have periods of discussion and extra-special social warmth. Invariably people leave us uplifted and often elated. However, the quiet times are also at the heart of retreat experience. Numbers are strictly limited and this is a retreat where we have many returnees.  Please contact MANA RETREAT CENTRE for further information and to register. There will be a shuttle service available from Auckland airport. Please allow three hours to travel from Auckland to Mana, and to return, if you are travelling independently.