Stephanie Dowrick Spring Retreat, October 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Spring Retreat!      So very pleased to share with you an Invitation to this year’s 6-day Spring Retreat at the exquisitely beautiful Mana Retreat Centre, from 4-10 October, 2018.  This retreat is growing each year in spiritual power and the resourcing for the year that it brings. (The word “mana” means spiritual power and this comes from the land, the spirit of place, powerfully supporting our retreat efforts.)

Full details are available via this link to the REGISTRATION PAGE at Mana Retreat Centre in Coromandel, New Zealand.  It may also help you to know that shuttles are always arranged from Auckland Airport, making the travel to Mana both easy and comfortable.

Is this for you? You do not need to be familiar yet with a spiritual retreat routine, but we do ask that you come fully aware there will be significant periods of silence and personal reflection. There is deep and lovely support throughout, but this is not a psychological workshop: it is a spiritual retreat where together through teaching, reflections and daily meditations we reflect on how we are living and what we are bringing to our own lives and to the world. It is a rare and beautiful experience. There are very few retreats in our world that are genuinely spiritually inclusive (more than “non-denominational”). I teach from the wisdom of the mystical traditions, available to us all without exception.

This Spring our retreat will be supported, as it always has been, by my dear friend and sister minister, Reverend Hilary Star. She shares this welcome with me.

My prompt is also that if this retreat – and the peace it brings – does call to you, PLEASE register early. We had some last-minute juggling for Easter which was really tricky. Our welcome is unlimited, but accommodation is strictly limited!

Peace in all hearts. Peace in our world.