Stephanie Dowrick at Mana Retreat Centre

You will find continuously updated details of Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s spiritually inclusive retreats and events at “Events” on this website. But we would particularly like to bring your attention to Stephanie’s annual retreats at the gloriously beautiful Mana Retreat Centre, near Coromandel, New Zealand. The residential retreats are 28 March – 1 April (Easter Retreat) and 3-6, 6-9 October (Spring Retreat, with optional extension). This is Stephanie Dowrick’s favourite place in the world to teach. She describes it as “a haven of beauty…and of kindness. Everyone leaves deeply refreshed and with new strengths to meet life with greater equanimity and joy.”

Mana’s staff and manager write: We are delighted to offer you three very different opportunities to be in the company of one of Mana’s favourite teachers. Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick ‘s teachings offer insight, opportunity and the potential for lasting and welcome change.

“Stephanie Dowrick’s teaching is potent and universally accessible. Her wisdom inspires a diversity of individuals to meet their lives with greater insight, equanimity and creativity.”
Donna Idol, Manager, Mana Retreat Centre, New Zealand

“Stephanie Dowrick is unashamed to make a stand for wonder and the incredible gift of living. Like so many thinkers before her, she recognises that until we respect ourselves and begin to reflect this respect in our behaviour toward others, we are diminished as individuals and as a society.”  Walter Mason, author of Destination Saigon

(All prices quoted are in NZ dollars. Early booking is highly recommended. Mana Retreat Centre, RD 1, 608 Manaia Road, Coromandel 3581, New Zealand   (+ 64 7) 866 8972)


Easter Retreat 2013: Messages of Love  March 28 – April 1
NZ$835 (A$675 approx) fully inclusive of all meals, teaching, notes.

How we interpret “life” and its myriad of events and experiences can literally lift our spirits, or lower them. At our profoundly beautiful annual Easter Retreat, Dr Stephanie Dowrick will help us to rediscover the most timeless “messages of love” and experience their power in our own daily lives. Through her teaching, as well as the highly rewarding times of discussion and reflection, we will rediscover the transformative energy of inspiration and insight, helping each one of us to face our challenges with new equanimity and to cherish our lives with greater confidence and joy. The Easter Retreat is a highlight in Stephanie’s teaching year and the kindness and care offered by Stephanie and the Mana team is exceptionally sustaining. Early bookings are highly recommended. Body treatments are available during rest times and it is also possible to stay extra days on either side of the retreat for a modest cost.

Spring Retreat  October 3-6 (Thurs 6pm-Sun 2pm)NZ $645
Be held by the beauty and tranquility of Mana and the deep spiritual teachings of one of our most experienced retreat leaders. Meditation, opportunity for personal reflection, periods of silence, individual time with the teacher.

Deepening into Stillness  October 6-9 (Sun 2pm-Wed 2pm) $350
An optional opportunity (for Spring Retreatants only) to extend the retreat by 3 days and go deeper into the stillness and silence in supportive community.

Please contact Mana with your enquiries. Mana Retreat Centre, RD 1, 608 Manaia Road, Coromandel 3581, New Zealand   (+ 64 7) 866 8972

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