Living self-compassionately – to benefit our world

I have been asked several times recently which of my books I would suggest to support those wanting to live more compassionately. And also to live in greater harmony with all those around them. (A challenge in our contemporary world.)  I hope that this BOOKSTORE LINK will take you to a number of my books. (You will need to type Stephanie Dowrick into search. You can also use this link to find other books of interest.)

But perhaps I can especially recommend two of my own books for this moment. The first is The Universal Heart. The second is Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love. I wrote both books out of the real need for greater clarity and inner support in my own life, and observing what was also needed as positive, practical and genuinely meaningful support in others’ lives.  You can order either or both books by clicking on the links here. And you can certainly write on my public Facebook Page as to what you find most helpful.

I’d also like to add that I have always aimed to write books that are authentically “timeless”. This means two things. 1) that we can read them freshly some years after they were published! 2) We can re-read at different moments in our lives and discover more as our own perspective grows and changes.

My greatest hope is that you will find the support you are seeking.