“Do not be daunted by the world’s grief”

It has seldom been more “daunting” to contemplate how much of the world’s grief is totally unnecessary…created and escalated by some of the worst expressions of human greed and idiocy. Facing into that, how can we be anything but daunted? Yet, from a spiritual perspective, we cannot afford to stop there.

We must also, somehow, recollect the multiple acts of mercy and kindness that are also part of our world. How can we remain alert to them? How can we add to them?

In my teaching, especially at Mana, I often refer to the teachings from Nature: the powers of regeneration that nature shows us in so many ways. I also refer to the Climate Crisis and the social catastrophes we see around us as spiritual crises: if we could love more, and more inclusively, we would very naturally protect the physical world we share. We would very naturally look out for, care and protect one another. Children would not go hungry. Old people would not die homeless. Millions would not be dispossessed and stateless. Do your small efforts count? Yes, they do. It is within our power to make a difference.

Be of good heart. Build communities based on integrity and care. Participate wholeheartedly. And articulate your own vision for the kinder and far more generous and braver world you wish us to share.