Conversations – listen & read

We have a new feature on this web site which lists some of my public conversations and interviews – and the occasional blog mention. These include some wonderful spoken word from the ABC, including the interviews with Rachael Kohn (The Spirit of Things) and John Cleary (Sunday Nights) which gave me very special opportunities to talk at depth about what Seeking the Sacred offers. More radio interviews with Richard Adey, Jill Emberson and Chris Stewart.

I have also included Toni Whitmont’s “Ten Terrifying Questions”, plus interviews with the CAPA Magazine, of specific interest for therapists, and with Rosamund Burton for Nova.

Just go to I suspect downloads are for limited times only – so enjoy!

It’s always a mixed blessing to be interviewed! It’s part of what every writer does these days and I am more than grateful for the chance to talk about my work, but that gratitude increases a thousand-fold when the interviewer is thoroughly engaged and thoughtful.

In a few weeks there will also be some video up on YouTube.  (That’s definitely outside my limited range of techno skills!) Meanwhile, please enjoy these talks – and of course if you want to comment, you can do so on my new but fast-developing Facebook page.