A spiritual welcome to 2016! Newsletter from Stephanie Dowrick


Love on tapa cloth

Greetings to all, and my heartfelt wishes for a year of insight and inspiration.

There’s a certain sameness to my New Year resolutions – which is either sobering or testament to my tenaciousness (!) – so I am once again attempting to be creative in how I deal with the admin sides of life. My goal is to avoid them colonising my desk and mind completely. Setting boundaries seems essential, and I am resolved to keep even emails like this one relatively short. So, for inspiration I would hope you will largely rely on visiting my Facebook page – where I post often – and for information I will continue to send these newsletters. You can visit that FB page without joining Facebook. It’s a public page and easily accessible. I also post images and share posts from other pages.

My first event of the year is next Wednesday, 3 Feb, when I will have a conversation with my very good friend Caroline Ward that you are most welcome to join. (It’s Sydney – Five Dock – easily reached by public transport and with parking in neighbouring streets.) We are focusing on the positive strengths and insights that can help most, give you greatest choice, and lift your spirits when that’s needed. Caroline shares with me a wholehearted commitment to practical spirituality that benefits all aspects of our lives – and everyone around us. Taking responsibility for the effect we have on others is our primary claim to any degree of maturity, as well as meaningful personal power. The evening is free but bookings are essential: bookings.fivedock@au.brahmakumaris.org or tel: 8736 3600. We will start very promptly at 7pm so please try to be there 10 minutes at least earlier. I’d love to see you!

Positive Choices Email

Our first service of the year will be on Sunday 21 February at 3pm. The address is Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street, Sydney. Just a block from Town Hall Station – such a beautiful church and so easy to find. We have almost completed 10 years of services and I see how enriching they are in many lives. So many people are expressing to me that the pace and demands of contemporary life are taking a huge toll. We all need to know and trust a place of peace within ourselves in order to cope with that, and have energy left to appreciate all that is nourishing and positive. The depth of wellbeing the services offer certainly supports that. Please feel very free to extend an invitation to others…and to know how welcome you are.

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For those of you who cannot come to Sydney, or attend services, the meditation CDs continue to be available from “Blue” at Millthorpe. And if you feel inspired to read or re-read one of the books, perhaps in response to a particular need or dilemma in your life, don’t hesitate to share some words with all of us about that. You can do that on my FB page – or send an email to uhn@stephaniedowrick.com. I open Heaven on Earth regularly. Today I found: “Do what is right. Then step back. This is the path to peacefulness.” (From the Tao te Ching.)

Loving wishes to all. Prayers with you. And please let me know you are from this Network if I see you on 3 or 21 Feb. Peace in our hearts. Peace in our world.  Stephanie Dowrick