Audio of Seeking the Sacred

Just published is the audio edition of Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s intimate, inspiring book, Seeking the Sacred, described by Claire Scobie in the Sydney Morning Herald as “A chalice of wisdom”. Whether you are a “seeker” or simply curious, this book speaks to some of our most pressing concerns, socially and personally, about what constitutes a […]

Gina Lazenby interviews Stephanie Dowrick

British writer and women’s retreat leader Gina Lazenby caught up with Stephanie Dowrick in Sydney recently. Here is a short video of Gina talking with Stephanie about her latest book, Seeking the Sacred, why she is an interfaith minister as well as a writer, big and small transitions and – particularly – identity and the […]

Claiming our beauty

Taking transformation as her theme, in this short video Stephanie Dowrick speaks about finding a sustaining recognition of who and what we are. Once again, she draws on a brief teaching from Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan and also a powerful, radiant story from the Christian tradition (Acts 3. 1-8). These talks emphasize a rare […]

Sustaining our compassion

From the Interfaith in Sydney service, 20 March 2011, this is most of a talk given by Stephanie Dowrick on how we can keep our hearts open and sustain our compassion in the face of so many public tragedies. Stephanie’s talk followed the disasters in New Zealand, Japan and elsewhere, and brings home to us the […]

Newsletter from Stephanie Dowrick

On the road with Seeking the Sacred Share your comments on Facebook or follow on Twitter A blessing shared from Gandhi Novels for Christmas? Interfaith service Sydney 19 December 2010; Christmas Eve 11pm 2011: early notices of events/retreats Dear friends Thank you so much for taking the time to read this newsletter. I have met […]

Five star review – Seeking the Sacred

This review from Australian Bookseller & Publisher magazine (November 2010, Vol 90, No. 4), a division of R R Bowker LLC. © Copyright 2010, Thorpe-Bowker. Seeking the Sacred is a powerful new book from the bestselling author of Choosing Happiness. The opening sentence, ‘Our search for the sacred may be as individual as our fingerprints’, […]

Speaking the Sacred

For three weeks I have been travelling around Australia – with a brief visit to NZ – speaking about the sacred. And particularly about the implications of considering what this powerful word and ideal could possibly mean. This has been stimulated by the publication of my new book, Seeking the Sacred. In bookshops, hotels, community […]

Testament to booksellers

This exhausting, exhilarating book tour has reminded me again how vital booksellers are in a writer’s life. My publishers, Allen & Unwin, have looked after me magnificently, making it possible for me to visit bookshops, and to speak at so many events where books were sold. This has given me direct contact with many hundreds […]

Kristina Keneally & Stephanie Dowrick unravel the sacred!

The NSW Premier joined Stephanie Dowrick and Father Michael Whelan of Sydney’s Aquinas Academy in what turned out to be a very lively, sometimes hilarious discussion of the big themes in Stephanie’s new book. Not incidentally, Stephanie defines “irreverence” not as the opposite of reverence but as a joyous and freeing expression of it. (The […]

BCNA message on wheels

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) supports women and their families throughout Australia who have been affected by breast cancer. Stephanie Dowrick has been an ambassador and motivational speaker for BCNA since 2001. She says, “Over the course of a year I meet hundreds of women and their families and support people through BCNA and deeply […]

SMH Review of Seeking the Sacred

A review of Seeking the Sacred by Claire Scobie has been published in the Spectrum section of the Sydney Morning Herald  – November 13-14 2010. On the path to transformation A provocative thinker explores some of the big psychological and spiritual issues of our day. Review by Claire Scobie Seeking the Sacred is like a chalice […]

First pics Seeking the Sacred book tour

Enjoy some early photos from the Seeking the Sacred book tour, 2010. These include Stephanie Dowrick with Peter Kirby of Constant Reader bookshop in Crow’s Nest, Sydney; with some of the Readings bookstore team in Melbourne, and Allen & Unwin publicist Kelly Fagan; and in conversation with Reverend Sean Gilbert of the Effective Living Centre in […]