2014 Easter Retreat Immersive – ‘Sanctuary of Love’

These talks by retreat leader and writer Dr Stephanie Dowrick were recorded at the annual Retreat at Easter, Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand. The theme this year was “Sanctuary of Love”. We considered how this supports us inwardly and also in the many ways we move through and respond to the outer world. Stephanie Dowrick suggests that if you have time to listen to only one or two talks, that you might choose Tracks 6 and 7. We certainly hope that all these talks will serve you well. Stephanie will lead her second retreat of the year at Mana with a 3-day or 6-day option, beginning 25 September 2014.

01. Living from a place of love
02. Through the eyes of love
03. What does it mean to be well?
04. Transforming effort
05. Joy on the pilgrimage of life
06. Transforming inner harshness
07. Overcoming shame bringing ourselves home
08. Hilary Star on meaning of Easter
09. Stephanie’s Easter Sunday talk
10. Rainer, Shanti and Mana choir sing
12. Stephanie responds to questions
13. A guided meditation to carry you forward
14. Thich Nhat Hanh’s vow of compassion
16. Life itself matters


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